1. Ghosts of the sea.

  2. Slowly making progress…

  3. Here was my process for the layered moth picture I did a few weeks ago. I started with oils on sealed MDF, then put in details and made a few adjustments digitally with Photoshop.

  4. Working on a new drawing in between projects. If you haven’t drawn jellyfish before, stop what you’re doing and draw them now - you won’t regret it.

  5. In the middle of a ton of work, so here’s an old sketch from my sketchbook I dug up. Drawing faces never gets old for me.

  6. Draw till you’re dead.

  7. Sphynx cats are the coolest.

  8. Self-portrait study. Colored pencil, charcoal, and digital.

  9. I got a request to post this older piece. The assignment was to incorporate texture into an image, within the context of a potential children’s book. 

    2013. Acrylics on plywood and digital.

  10. Strange Nostalgia - Luna by Miranda Meeks.

    I’ll be doing a series of these vintage animated GIFs over the next few weeks. The series is called Strange Nostalgia. This one is #2 - the first one is here: 



  11. Hey guys, I’ll be sketching a few skulls today at 3pm EDT. Come say hi, I’d love to chat with you!

    UPDATE: The stream is over for now. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

  12. Multiplicity by Miranda Meeks. 2014. Oil and digital.

  13. Playing around with making gifs - should I do more like this?


  14. Free shipping worldwide! Not sure how long this deal’s gonna last, so now’s the time to check it out! 

    It’s Friday again.

  15. United we fall.