1. Slowly making progress…

  2. Here was my process for the layered moth picture I did a few weeks ago. I started with oils on sealed MDF, then put in details and made a few adjustments digitally with Photoshop.

  3. Working on a new drawing in between projects. If you haven’t drawn jellyfish before, stop what you’re doing and draw them now - you won’t regret it.

  4. In the middle of a ton of work, so here’s an old sketch from my sketchbook I dug up. Drawing faces never gets old for me.

  5. Draw till you’re dead.

  6. Sphynx cats are the coolest.

  7. Self-portrait study. Colored pencil, charcoal, and digital.

  8. I got a request to post this older piece. The assignment was to incorporate texture into an image, within the context of a potential children’s book. 

    2013. Acrylics on plywood and digital.

  9. Strange Nostalgia - Luna by Miranda Meeks.

    I’ll be doing a series of these vintage animated GIFs over the next few weeks. The series is called Strange Nostalgia. This one is #2 - the first one is here: 



  10. Hey guys, I’ll be sketching a few skulls today at 3pm EDT. Come say hi, I’d love to chat with you!

    UPDATE: The stream is over for now. Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

  11. Multiplicity by Miranda Meeks. 2014. Oil and digital.

  12. Playing around with making gifs - should I do more like this?


  13. Free shipping worldwide! Not sure how long this deal’s gonna last, so now’s the time to check it out! 

    It’s Friday again.

  14. United we fall.

  15. I promise I’m still alive, just swamped with client work and summer traveling. Here’s an old sketchbook page filled with wolves just for you.