1. Dusk by Miranda Meeks. 2014. Digital. 

    You can purchase limited edition prints and canvases through Gauntlet Gallery here. There are only 30 prints available and once they’re gone, they’ll be gone forever; pick one up while you can!

  2. supersonicart:

    Digital Renaissance" at Gauntlet Gallery.

    On Friday, October 17th, Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco, California will present the group show “Digital Renaissance" which features many of the digital artists helping to solidify the digital art movement.  The show will include art from: Adam Tan, Anna Dittmann, Ash White, Boneface, Cézar Brandão, Craig Drake, David Ho, Eevien Tan, Kemi Mai, Lente Scura, Leslie Ann O’Dell, Miranda Meeks, Ruben Ireland, and Tyson McAdoo.

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    So thrilled and honored to be a part of this show! The opening is tomorrow at 7pm - if you’re in the San Francisco area and are able to drop by, I’d love to see some pictures of the event. :)

  3. An illustration I did for the current issue of Popshot Magazine. The accompanying poem suggested ideas of separation and a feeling of longing for the departed. I kept a cool color palette and a solitary figure to reinforce those ideas of loneliness and isolation. The poem also had cosmic/space imagery, so I decided to make the setting at night to further support that imagery.

    Thanks again to Jacob Denno at Popshot for the fun opportunity!

  4. (Last time I’m posting about this, promise!)

    Here’s the official artwork for the skate deck I designed for Light Grey Art Lab’s Skate or Die exhibit (you can read more about the exhibit here: 
    http://blog.lightgreyartlab.com/2014/10/skate-or-die-opening-reception.html). You can also purchase prints of the art or even a board for yourself here: http://lightgreyartlabshop.bigcartel.com/product/consume-by-miranda-meeks

    It’s an honor to exhibit with so many amazing artists in this show. Thanks again to LGAL for letting me participate!

  5. lightgreyartgallery:

    Skate or Die is here!!! We invite you to check out all of the amazing, dark, and cryptic images and ready-to-skate artist skateboards! The project includes work by 60+ illustrators and designers from around the world!

    You can find all of the work on the Light Grey Shop here! You can also view the entire gallery and details on the permanent online gallery. 

    Thanks for your support!

    Thanks to Light Grey Art Lab for featuring my work in this post and for allowing me to participate in such an amazing show! 

    See everybody’s artwork here where you can buy prints and even the skateboard decks themselves! http://lightgreyartlabshop.bigcartel.com/

  6. lightgreyartgallery:

    A couple sneak peeks for the Skate or Die macabre skateboard exhibition! Join us tomorrow, October 10th for the opening reception and celebration of the 60+ artists, designers, and illustrators exhibiting in the project! You will be able to check out all of the designs, skateboards, and prints available on the Light Grey Shop soon!

    Previews by Rafa Alarez, Miranda Meeks, Kate O’Hara, Angela Rizza, and Charlotte Gomez. 

    So honored to be in this show with such amazing artists!

  7. A preview of another piece for Gauntlet Gallery’s Digital Renaissance show opening later this month. 

  8. Today I’ve been listening to modern day prophets and apostles speaking here, so haven’t made time to work on anything very substantial. In the meantime, here’s a SUPER rough WIP screenshot of yet another thing I can’t reveal yet!

  10. Here’s a screenshot of my WIP piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s Skate or Die show this October. Yes, more mushrooms and more wolves, I know I know.

  11. Practicing drawing wolves for a thing. I’ve got so much to learn - it’s humbling and exciting all at once.

  12. Another WIP snippet of a gallery piece for Gauntlet Gallery.

    One of these days, I’ll get to show you an actual uncropped AND finished image. 

  13. Here’s another WIP screenshot of what I’m working on for Gauntlet Gallery. I really struggle with keeping down the number of layers, as you can clearly see.

  14. Here’s a sneak peak of one of the pieces I’m working on for Gauntlet Gallery. They’re going to have a show in October called ‘Digital Renaissance,’ of which I’m honored to announce that I’ll be one of 15 contributing digital artists from around the world. I’m excited to show you more works in progress as we get closer to the opening!

  15. Line by line.